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Dishonored Inspired Blockout (WIP)

Short level blockout for Dishonored set in a library. 

The level is comprised of 3 main hurdles that tie it together. Each can be overcome multiple ways.


  • Enter the building

  • Get past the wall of light

  • Climb the tower

Simple, shared goals give structure and pace to a non-linear game/level, designed for multiple approaches. 

First, players need to enter the main structure. The main entry is shown to be heavily guarded, but a nearby open window gives a more stealthy alternative.


Players who enter through the window are shown a locked door, requiring a key.

Inside, a wall of light (electrical fence, cannot be walked or teleported through) blocks progress. 

Players can either rewire the WOL by getting past the guards in the main room, disconnect the whale oil canister in the side room, or take an alternative route through the path blocked by the locked door.

The final hurdle is a puzzle that can  be solved organically, or players can find a note showing a way to solve it.


The puzzle involves the player having platforms swap between binary positions, the quirk is that adjacent platforms also switch when one is switched.


This form of puzzle can be found in other games, but the initial configuration can be changed, so there is no universal solution that players would know beforehand.

When solved, the stairs on each platform line up, allowing players to ascend the tower.


Floor 1 Main

Floor 2 Main


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